About me

The Geek, The Writer, The PokemonLoser


My name is Terrance Johnson, my author alias is Shinry, the original name belonging to my best friend, Dylan Lloyd’s character Shinry Maki. It was given to me in cross country, by my varsity captain and it just stuck. With Dylan’s permission of course, I continued to use the name. Now, more about me. I was born in Shreveport Louisiana but I currently live in Florida. My dream is to someday become the world’s greatest author and after thirteen years of writing this amazing series I finally might achieve that thanks to you readers! My favorite color is Green and my favorite fictional hero is the Green Lantern, because ya know his power is limited to his imagination and it’s green! That’s amazing! I love to read, write, work out at Planet Fitness and I’m a Gaymer. I look forward to connecting with all of you at a book signing someday!