Shinry series, Book one: Shobu Samurai, Project Aryoku

Welcome to the Ark. In a place known as the Six Civilizations all is not as it seems, the six leaders though living in peace for the last decade soon find themselves struck by tragedy again! When the grandson of Chaos P. Karafuta, the world’s infamous scientist and inventor, King and his best friend Shabu accidently unlock the secrets to a weapon known simply as ‘Project Aryoku’. In his greed for power King will sacrifice everyone he loves to obtain its power. However, it falls into the hands of his nephew, Shobu Samurai. At the sight of losing his parents, his unbound power obliterates his hometown with no recollection of doing so. Now ten years later, Shobu Samurai returns to seek revenge on his uncle but instead will face a choice to save his home from shadow creatures, blood beast and organization once thought dead.

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