What does writing mean to me? Why do I write? Why did i pick up my first pencil and write my first book Shobu Samurai. Many writers and authors can tell you after writing for a long time it is not easy, it’s one of the hardest things you can do. So hard even, some authors don’t even finish or start their novels. There’s blocks, doubts, chronological consistencies, time, sometimes money and lots of lots of marketing, but for some it’s easy. And it depends on why you write. Money, Fame, Entertainment, Praise. Me? I write because I’ve always wanted to tell a fun story. Seriously, that’s it.

I’m going to tell you something seriously funny. I hated writing and reading was even worse. I know write, (see what i did there) the guy who wrote twenty-eight books and has two published hated reading and writing? Well, when I was a kid i just didn’t like it. if it didn’t have big words and big pictures and writing forget it. I almost failed elementary because I would skip over the essay parts. And I never really knew why. I knew I had something to say, but it turns out it was never anything I wanted to write about was the problem. So what did I like? I liked anime! I liked Beyblade, Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, you know the early 90s Japanese cartoons! I loved the action, the adventure and the stories, I wanted to tell one just like it but one I could call my own! So I started working on my first character.

In fifth grade, my first book was inspired by a mix of one of my favorite shows Samurai Jack and Duel Masters, I called it Shobu Samurai. It was the first book I had ever written and it was about fifty pages hand written. (I prefer to write old school first than over a laptop even today.) And I was happy with him. The story was closely the same as it is today, but less subplots and a little all over the place, but that didn’t really get me into writing yet. It was just something I was happy to call my own. Shobu was my friend, we went on a ton of adventures together in my own world. Which was called the Shinryverse yet, that came later. After I finished Shobu Samurai, I wanted other people to know about him but I didn’t know how to get him out there. So I just kept him to myself.

Then, about a year or so later I went to Kentucky. It was a trip with my dad to hang with him for the summer. While I was there I found this book. It was called My Evil Twin by Thomas Mckean. Now, I’m going to try and recall all this from memory, I want you to know me and why I write not something copy and pasted. It followed the story of a boy named let’s call him John Jones, he was a geek and a nerd at his school, and had only one friend. Well his parents decide to move to new a town just a few miles away to a new school so he decides this is his one chance to change everything! He wears ripped jeans, baggy clothes and spikes his hair and takes on the name (again butchering) Jules Jameson and he’s instantly popular. Until…his best friend from his old school gets transferred to his new school. You may already see where this is going! John has to jump back and forth between clothes and styles with Jules when he’s around certain people until the two begin mixing with each other and people finally ask him at the end of the book who are you. He says J.J. and the book ends. I laughed so hard!

This was the first chapter book I ever read with no pictures! Mind you it took me over a month to get through chapter one, but when I was hooked, I was in for the win! My second book was called Blood and Chocolate, that was even more interesting about werewolves and chocolate, my two favorites in the supernatural realm! Then, beautiful creatures, Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter and so forth over the years. And that’s what got me into reading, Thomas Mckean! But I still wasn’t quite a writer. That changed when I moved to florida in 2005 and met Justin Llyod a.k.a. Logei, Dylan Lloyd a.k.a. Shinry Maki and Kevon Taylor a.k.a. Sintakai, the Prince of Weapons.

It would be fair to say that without those guys the Shinryseries would not be what it is today. It is through through our friendship and my drive to tell our stories that the series reached twenty-five books! I’m also working on my new first ever LGBT fantasy called the Chronicles of Wayne but I will talk about that separately. Well now you know a little bit more about me and why I write!